Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ammo/Bullet Themed Mouse Pads By Rinehart Photography

Bullet Mouse Pads By Photographer Charles Rinehart In Sarasota Florida


Hello I'm Charles Rinehart in Sarasota Florida. I'm an avid photographer, videographer, and super small entrepreneur. Available here are custom ammo/bullet themed mouse pads. These are constructed of a durable, stain resistant cloth top, 7 3/4" X 9 1/4", with a high density, black rubber non-skid backing. A quality item. Manufactured and printed in USA. Having something unique and original is always good. And these mouse pads are just plain cool.

For what it's worth, my venture here is to see if there is a demand for this type mouse pad. I don't have massive inventory in my closet. So if these become popular, I will order a bigger quantity, and drop the price. So right now with the mailing cost being free, I'm only making a couple bucks each. But that's OK. Every time I sell things online I want to make every item affordable.

When buying online, many of us never know who is behind a website for product. Well I've always put my face behind everything I do and sell. I've been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956) since 2003 with a perfect feedback rating on over 300+ transactions. All my reviews are there to read on my profile page. Taking care of customers by having good quality products with first rate customer service is what I'm about. Without fail. And with a 14 day money back guarantee on all my products, that's real piece of mind when buying from me (Returned item/s must be in original condition and buyer is responsible for return shipping cost).

Ordering is fast and easy with Paypal. Mouse pads are $11.99 each with free shipping. As you can see with the photos here, I have two styles available. A darker and lighter version. Also I've been a trusted eBay seller (neonguy1956) since 2003 with a 100%feedback rating on over 300+ transactions. Everyone is assured of honest, fast, and reliable buying with me. Always.

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